Friday, February 28, 2014

Hi. I'm Sue, Faun's daughter. I've set up this blog to share with you some of my mom's story. I know some of it. You know some of it. Hopefully you can tell the rest of us the stories you know so that we can all have a fuller picture of this remarkable lady. I encourage you to add what you know in the comments section. If you want to add photos send me an email and we'll figure out how to do it.

I'm letting Faun tell the 1st part of her story. She wrote this when she was 13 as part of a genealogy project. Enjoy!  

"I, Faun Twelves was born September 26, 1926 in Salt Lake City, UT. I was raised by Paul Adelbert Twelves and May Brim. I have 3 brothers, they are Adelbert Brim, Richard Ralph, and Alfred Twelves. When I was born all of my grandparents were alive and also one great grandmother. My parents lived with my grandfather and grandmother. When I was one year old my grandmother thought my bangs were too long and decided to cut them. I started to squirm and she cut them jaggy. It took them 2 years to grow back. When I was seven I went to Yellowstone Park with mother, Alfred, and our neighbors Mr and Mrs Greenwood. I was baptised August, 1935. I started taking piano lessons in the autumn of 1935. In 1938 I went to California with mother to visit my aunt and cousins. That same year I joined the Junior Genealogy. In 1939 I took a trip to Emigration Canyon with the Genealogical group. That same year I went to California again."

This is the Twelves Family home on Center Street in Salt Lake City

Student at the University of Utah, 1946
Married life with N.T. (Scott) Spencer

Graduated with a BA in Social Sciences
Getting ready for the 60th West High School Reunion
Looking like a movie star

Family Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Bennion's with Grandma May
Working as a Social Worker for the Department of Family Services, both in Twin Falls and Salt Lake City
Faun with her friend Twee at Spring Creek in Salt Lake City

Faun with her two grandchildren, Emily and Jonathan

Faun on an excursion to Torrey in Southern Utah, one of her MOST favorite places on earth

Sassy Faun in the 1940s

Aunt Faun with niece Kristine Jenson, 1964

Faun and Ken

Having lunch with a friend at Park Lane, Salt Lake City